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Ecotron IleDeFrance

The Ecotron IIeDefrance is located in Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours nearby Paris and is coordinated by the CNRS in partnership with Ecole normale supérieure. Its mission is to provide the scientific community with innovative and technologically advanced experimental platforms to advance knowledge of ecosystems functioning under various environmental conditions and to develop and test ecological theories and models.

Lastest News

12-03-2015 : Welcome to the Ecotron IleDeFrance

The Ecotron IIeDefrance is located in Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours at the CEntre Experimental Research in Ecology and Predictive (CEREEP). It consists of a research building of 1000 m2, a platform of 12 climate chambers (called Ecolabs) and several aquatic microcosms, as well as analytical instruments dedicated to water samples. Equipments allow the detailed simulation of climatic environments in artificial conditions for ecological and evolutionary studies on small terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

12-03-2015 : Call for experimental ecosystem and biodiversity research projects in the French CNRS Ecotrons

CNRS in partnership with Ecole normale supérieure is opening its new Ecotrons facilities located in Ecotron Européen de Montpellier and Ecotron IleDeFrance nearby Paris to national and international research consortia in the field of ecology, population and community biology and agronomy. French Ecotrons allow the precise conditioning of the environment and the detailed monitoring of states and activities of organisms and ecosystems at various scales. Platforms with replicated experimental units are available for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems experiments for the period 2014-2016. This call is open with no specific deadline.

Check the Ecotrons website for information on equipments and application procedures.